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Waterford Animal Welfare is a non-profit group. We are dedicated to the lifetime care of abused,... neglected, confiscated or unwanted animals and birds to prevent them from being destroyed. The animals that we rescue are mainly dogs and cats, but also horses, donkeys, swans, seals, bats and any other creature that may be suffering. Rescued animals are found permanent homes which have been carefully choosen by our personnel.

We do not sell any of the animals rescued and they are not used for breeding; we simply protect them from harm. Our highly trained personnel ensure that their medical, nutritional, and emotional needs are well met. With help from our supporters, we are able to provide temporary care for these animals prior to re-housing on a permanent basis. In the end, it is all about the animals and how we can make their lives better. We will under no circumstances assist a facility or individual that chooses to perpetuate any problem causing animals to suffer needlessly.

In case of an emergency such as:-Road accidents involving an animal. Any creature in need of URGENT attention Please contact: 0876551152 OR Your local Garda station National Animal Cruelty Helpline 1890515515

Injured Animals

If you are out on beaches, keep an eye out for seal pups in distress. Stormy weather and rough seas, human activity by means of boat traffic, as well as people and dogs on beaches can sometimes frighten away nursing mothers and inadvertently lead to pups being injured or orphaned. You can contact the Seal Rescue Ireland on 087 195 5393 if you spot a seal on a beach

1) Do not put the seal in the water. (Injured, sick & newborn pups are on land for a reason)

2) Do not disturb them – observe from a distance

3) Do not touch pups (these animals can bite, and human scent may lead to mothers abandoning otherwise healthy pups)

4) Keep dogs and children away

For all other animals injured contact 0876551152

Your garden should be fully enclosed by walls or secure fencing (not hedges).

If there is nobody at home all day (two dogs are required) as lone dogs get bored & destructive.

any animal rehomed where children are under 12 years in the house need to be made fully aware of the new animals needs and care,

There is a pre-adoption home-check carried out for all dogs.

Local Vets in Your Area

City Vets Waterford City

051 371155

City Vets Tramore

051 390307

Suirside Veterinary Clinic - Carrick On Suir

051 641640

Riverside Veterinary Clinic - Dungarvan

058 44476


Other Contact

Waterford City Dog Pound


Waterford City Guarda Station

051 305300

Tramore Guarda Station

051 391620



Dungarvan Guarda Station

058 48600


National Animal Helpline


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