Bees On Tall Ships


A Queen caused a stir during the tall ships in Waterford this year when she took a shine to one of the ships. The ships Eendracht was docked over in the North Wharf when around 2,000 bees decided to pay a visit and stay. Waterford Animal Welfare received a call from the Gardai saying a swarm of bees had landed on the ship. The crew on board the Enedracht were unable to open the ship to the public with the risk of people getting stung. Waterford Animal Welfare contacted Sean O`Loughin and were told that the bees did not travel to Waterford on the ship and they were not likely to attack. The group was also told that they were protected species that could not be harmed.  The members of Waterford Animal Welfare used some smoke to try and disturb the swarm but they only relocated to a different spot on the ship. Waterford Animal Welfare manage to get in contact with Deirdre O'Mara (a friend of the group) from Tramore Co. Waterford who has bees herself. When the group contacted Deidre she came to the rescue with here bee keeping equipment and was able to remove them without harm.

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